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The Glass Man

English - Thriller - 90 mins.

Spotlight Pictures 
Neve Campbell, James Cosmo, Andy Nyman 
Cristian Solimeno 
Cristian Solimeno 
Paul Fournel 
Production Status 
Completion Year 
Mild-mannered Martin Pyrite (Andy Nyman, “Black Death,” “Death at a Funeral”) is your typical well-to-do middle class businessman. He gets up for work every morning, eats breakfast provided by his beautiful wife, Julie (Neve Campbell, “Scream” series, TV’s “Party of Five”), before setting off for work. What is not typical of Martin is that Martin lost his job months ago, and he has yet to tell Julie. To avoid dealing with the shame of no longer being the provider, he continues the façade of getting up, eating breakfast, and going to work, even though he has no place to go.
He returns to his former place of work to try and reason with his ex-boss to take him back, but his ex-boss refuses and has security escort him out. When Martin returns home, Julie confronts him about a phone message Martin received from a woman at work, saying she was “sorry for what happened.” Julie thinks it’s someone Martin is having an affair with. Martin tells her she is being silly, but he is still unable to tell her the truth, that he is unemployed and his co-worker was sorry that he was fired.
Having spent his savings and borrowed money to keep up appearances, the net closes tighter on a desperate Martin, until one night a burly debt collector by the name of Pecco (James Cosmo, TVs “Game of Thrones,” “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”) comes calling. Taking pity on the docile Martin, Pecco offers him a deal-- assist him with some business that his partner has dropped out of this evening, and he will consider Martin’s debt repaid. The catch is that Martin cannot ask what this particular business will entail.
Fearing losing his wife, and perhaps his own life, Martin accepts the offer and soon finds himself taking orders from the shotgun-toting Pecco, no questions asked. Through the course of the evening, the thin veil of Martin’s sanity slips away, as everything Martin knows to be true and values is destroyed. Pecco leads him down a road of madness and murder, with a twist ending that has to be seen to be believed!

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