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The Force Family Mysteries: Disappearance At Hangman's Bluff

English - Family, Drama

American Cinema International 
Production Status 
In Production 
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Things have been looking up for 13-year-old Abby Force. Her father has awakened from his coma, and they’re back together living on Reward Plantation. As summer nears its close, Abby’s father returns to his law practice, and Abby and her best friend Bee look forward to the start of school. But when the two girls witness men kidnapping a dog, a valuable Boykin Spaniel owned by a neighbor, Abby and Bee are on the case. The search for the missing dog leads them to the discovery of a dead body, and the girls find themselves caught up in a larger mystery involving armed robbery and misuse of protected land. With a hurricane bearing down on South Carolina, can Force & Force Investigations unravel The Disappearance at Hangman’s Bluff in time? 

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