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420 High Desert Way

English - Action/Adventure - 98 mins.


ITN Distribution 
Tristan Ott, Trey Alley 
Tom Breedlove 
n a 
Waterfront Entertainment, Tom Breedlove 
Production Status 
Completion Year 
With the F.B.I. threatening to take over the drug problem in the high desert, Capt. Abernathy’s hand is forced by the Sheriff to expedite his investigation and solve the problem in a more expedient manner. He decides to find an uniform officer that would fit in better than the cover already working the case amongst the illusive group that is causing the most statistics.

Deputy Sheriff David Otterman is the one that is chosen. Otterman is a young, irrepressible street cop, with a less than stellar record and an attitude towards always getting his man. He is finally given his big break to work undercover narcotics unbeknown to the cover already inside.

The assignment should have been simple, to infiltrate a high desert drug ring and gather enough intel to shut them down. His cover, a Riverside small-time drug-dealer known as D-Dog, almost foolproof.

Almost immediately, he finds himself caught in an ego power-struggle between Banshee, the high-octane thrill seeking ringleader, and Woodstock, the out-of-date, middle-aged mentor, who just happens to be his right-hand man. Otterman cover name D-Dogg must prove himself by fitting in at all cost along the way in his abilities in: skateboarding, motor cross riding, sand railing, street racing and his fighting abilities. It’s all he can do to stay in character, and out of danger, as he sidesteps one hurdle after another as he moves closer to full-filling his mission.

But, it’s not long before he careens off course, when he falls for Banshee’s smoking hot girlfriend, Denise, who seems to be undaunted with a mission of her own. One look and they both know they are destined to lock horns. Finally alone together, they unexpectedly discover they are both undercover agents, working the same case.

When the ensuing meltdown cools, they breakdown into a smoldering heap, wrought by the extreme stress and tension of the job. Now fearful their cover has been blown, Denise wants to get out now, but D-Dog quickly puts together a plan to allow Denise to grab incriminating evidence to put these hoods away and get themselves safely out.

As time starts to run out, the lid is about to blow on this boiler as Woodstock and Banshee get wind of who these two really are. Soon, D-Dog and Denise find themselves on a crash course that is set to derail them all in high speed ending.

It’s a high octane race to see who’ll be the last man standing?

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