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Market Films (18)

After Death Trailer

After Death

Completed (2012)
English - Science-Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy
Blue Collar Boys Trailer

Blue Collar Boys

Completed (2012)
English - Drama, Action/Adventure
Bustin Chops Trailer

Bustin Chops

Completed (2013)
Dutch, English - Action/Adventure, Comedy, Documentary
The Cabining Trailer

The Cabining

Completed (2013)
English - Comedy, Horror
Homecoming Trailer


Completed (2012)
English - Thriller, Suspense
iKuztom Trailer


Completed (2011)
English, Spanish - Documentary
Insight of Evil Trailer

Insight of Evil

Completed (2004)
English - Horror
The Last Island Trailer

The Last Island

Completed (2012)
Spanish - Family, Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Let's Riiide Trailer

Let's Riiide

Completed (2009)
English - Documentary
Pinching Penny Trailer

Pinching Penny

Completed (2011)
English - Thriller, Black Comedy
Quigley Trailer


Completed (2003)
English, Spanish - Family, Comedy
Rakenrol Trailer


Completed (2011)
Tagalog, English - Comedy, Musical
Reverb Trailer


Completed (2013)
English - Comedy
Sacrifice: In the Name of Goddess Gadhimai Trailer

Sacrifice: In the Name of Goddess Gadhimai

Completed (2013)
English, Hindi - Documentary
The Shattering Trailer

The Shattering

Completed (2013)
English - Horror
Slaughter is the Best Medicine Trailer

Slaughter is the Best Medicine

Completed (2012)
English - Action/Adventure, Horror
The Thing on the Doorstep Trailer

The Thing on the Doorstep

Completed (2013)
English - Horror, Thriller
Where Cars Don't Dare Trailer

Where Cars Don't Dare

Completed (2011)
English - Documentary

Contacts (2)

Erik Lundmark
Maria Collis

Maria Collis

Head of Development

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Action/Adventure, Black Comedy, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Historical, Psycho-Drama, Romantic Comedy, Science-Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, True Story, Western

Theatrical Films

[Under 1M to 5M-10M] Involved from the Development, Production, and Completed stages.

Television Films

Involved from the Development and Production stages.

Non-Theatrical Films

[Under 1M to 1M-3M] Involved from the Development, Production, and Completed stages.


Leomark Studios LLC is a production and sales company based in Los Angeles. Our growing catalogue includes feature films ranging from family comedies to thrillers with award-winning titles in sci-fi, drama, and motor sports. We also offer award-winning music and post-production services, as well as media back-up services. In addition to producing and co-producing, we represent projects by other filmmakers at major markets. We welcome submissions of finished features for consideration.

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